5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

Whether you've always dreamed of having a kick-ass beard or you're just toying with the idea of adding scruff to your face, remember that beards need a little TLC. Although they're the first thing people might notice about you, it's often the last thing one thinks to take care of.  Fortunately, there are some products that'll get us through the year.

Manscaper Beard & Other Hair Oil 

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

Not only will this oil create a soft and girlfriend-friendly beard, but the scent will stay with you through the night. The scent of musk, nutmeg, leather and vanilla will get you through any social setting (especially nice for those who like to invade your personal space).

Voodoo Prince Beard & Other Hair Oil

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

The subtle and clean scents of bergamot, sage and sandalwood will place any woman under your beard's spell. The  sunflower oil will raise any beard from the dead- better and stronger than ever. 

Woody's Moisturizing Body Bar 

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

Combining ingredients to accomplish any task in the shower, this is the perfect 3 - 1. Shampoo your hair, shave your face and shower with it. This body bar leaves your hair moisturized, and if you don't want to shave your beard, it'll also leave your beard soft and conditioned.

Bush Master Beard & Other Hair Oil

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

This manly smelling oil brings the power of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar. With additional skin moisturizing additives, this beard oil is especially useful in the long winter months.

AG Hair Conditioner & Shaving Lotion

5 Beard Products You Should Be Using

One of our favorites, the dual power is really what makes this a powerful product. Throughout the winter you can use this as a conditioner, and when (and if) you're ready to say bye bye to the beard it acts as a shaving lotion. It'll also save you time because it brings everything you need for grooming to the table...in the shower. 


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