What makes a gibs guy?


A GIBS Guy is broad shouldered, bearded and brotherly. 

His heart and his style are authentic. 

Confidence is his self-expression, caring is his middle name. 

When the dust settles behind him, the world is a better place.

He lives life like he means it, a rebel with a soul. 

His ink is his roadmap, that pounding thing 

in his chest is his compass. 

He doesn’t blow smoke, he builds the fire. 

A GIBS Guy is the real deal. 

He has no apologies. No regrets. 

His only goal is to live free and look good.

It's time to GIB it up!


That’s a yacht: 

If dudes were to stop shaving entirely, the average guy would grow a beard about 27.5 feet long.

Middle man: In the middle ages, to touch another dude’s man mane was considered offensive and cause for a dynamic duel.

Battle of the beards: Alexander the Great made his soldiers shave before the battle of Ardela. Why? Have you ever been beard yanked? Not good.



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