Early man knew style. He was covered in beards. Many, many beards. Nights were never cold or lonely. The ladies loved that long, glossy pelt. Until that jerk off a few caves down starting desecrating his follicles with flint. Thus, the term “manscaping” was born and eons of facial hair fell prey to pretty boys with crude tools. Not anymore. That was eons ago. Honest Abe was the first prez with a face pelt. Darwin. Hemingway. Santa Claus. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill. Bearded dudes changed history; calmed our seas, brought us presents, and Texas blues. Bearded dudes made it happen.


It's time to GIB it up!



That’s a yacht: If dudes were to stop shaving entirely, the average guy would grow a beard about 27.5 feet long.


Middle man: In the middle ages, to touch another dude’s man mane was considered offensive and cause for a dynamic duel.


Alexander the Great made his soldiers shave before the battle of Ardela. Why?Have you ever been beard yanked? Not good.



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