Groom With GIBS

Groom With GIBS: Messy Textured Pomp

Nail the messy textured pomp + soft blend with GIBS Grooming beard, hair + tattoo oil, Brawler Bantamweight Hairspray and Rico Bandito polished pomade. Our man, Danny Amorim behind the chair. Video: EL3 Productions

Groom With GIBS: Long Feathered Fringe + Soft Fade

Nab that long feathered fringe with GIBS Grooming Original Outlaw Hair Spackle and Brawler Bantamweight spray. Danny Amorim with the how to and EL3 Productions with the reel.

Gibs Grooming Gets Its Huddle On

What is a hairstylist? Gib lays it down at Sport Clips Huddle 2017 in Las Vegas and a special visit from Kinjaz... Get your GIBS on at your neighborhood Sport Clips!

BS With Brandon: Man Wash BHB

#ThirstyThursday: Because you're thirsty for knowledge and beard nourishment, we're starting a weekly series: BS With Brandon drops bits and snips of grooming tips... We're calling it #GIBSEduTainment. Tip #1: Man up your shower game!
Props to EL3 Productions and Urban Original Photography for the reel.

Groom With GIBS: Shaping Shorter Beards

GIBS Grooming educator Mike Sharp with the nitty gritty on shaping shorter beards. It's all in those details.

BS With Brandon: HangMan Showerless Shampoo

Beard, hair, pits. Anywhere. HangMan Showerless Shampoo by GIBS gets you out the door faster than you can say "showerless shampoo." EL3 Productions and Urban Original Photography with the reel.

BS With Brandon: Volumized Matte Look

Get the how-to on a volumized matte look with GIBS Grooming Con Man Hair Pudding, El Rey Styling Jam and Brawler Hairspray. And of course, Brandon. EL3 Productions and Urban Original Photography with the reel!

BS With Brandon: Puck It Man Brick

Fall calls for a deep down clean. We say Puck It with our charcoal and volcanic ash-infused man brick. Props to EL3 Productions for the clip!



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