Stay Positive - Joshua Marshall

Over the past year I've had two very close people to me affected by cancer.

The first one would be my Aunt JoJo. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up having a double mastectomy. She is still going through aggressive chemo. She has lost all her hair, and through all the pain and endless doctors appointments and hospital visits, she has remained upbeat and never lost her positive outlook. We don't know the end of her story yet, but I hope it's a happy one. I spent many years growing up out on her farm and, being one of my moms 4 sisters and also my godmother, she was like a second mother to me. I have so much love for this wonderful woman and I hope she wins her battle against it.

The second person would be my father. The day I found out he had colon cancer I was absolutely devastated. He had a softball size tumor removed, and had emergency surgery, in which they removed his colon and a good amount of his lower intestines. The doctors were very honest about the severity and I realized that the man that has always been there for me may be gone forever within the month. I can not speak highly enough about the doctors he had. Because of them my father is still here. He's about to finish up his chemo at the end of this month, and they will do a scan to determine if it has gone into remission or not.

I encourage everyone that has been affected, or know someone to be affected, by this horrible thing we call cancer to never lose hope and always remain positive about life, no matter how grim or bad it is.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this life changing event and how even though it's a terrible thing, it has helped me appreciate the value of life, friends, and family even more than I ever had before. Beard on.

- Joshua Marshall




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