Screw Cancer - Brandon Cover

Screw Cancer

The term "cancer" is just nasty as hell-

Attacking- the body, the mind, the soul.

Caused by uncontrolled splitting of a cell,

it's wrath will be felt and will, take a toll.

I too, as most, have felt cancers strong wrath-

not through my body, but that of a friend.

A man with a name and unforeseen path,

cancer did kill him, Joe fought till the end.

As with all it's victims, it's just not fair-

through family and friends he'll always be here.

No pity for Joe, he'd say "don't you dare."

Still wishing I'd see him for one last beer.

Screw cancer! Prayers sent to all in it's way-

and Joe, I'll see you in heaven someday.

-Brandon Cover, York, Pennsylvania

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