One Last Fight - Jesse Smith

Recently, as in within this month, we found that my dad (age 52) has Lung Cancer. The tumor growing at the top of his lung is pushing up against his airway making it a struggle to breathe. We were told that if not treated fast, either the cancer will kill him, or he will suffocate and die.

My dad is single handedly the strongest man I've ever known, and will ever know. The man has survived 2 heart attacks and is still kicking. I remember him telling me that he has one good fight left in him, in case a burgler ever broke into our house, but I remember looking at him when we got the news, and saying, "Well dad. It's time to whip out that one last fight."

Although our battle has only begun, we have fought and conquered death twice now, and this next one will be no different than the rest.

- Jesse Smith




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