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This story is about my grandfather, Pappy.

He was a hard-working husband, father, and grandfather. He was rough around the edges, but you always knew that he loved his family. Christmas time was always special to him. Grandma and Pappy always went all-out, decorating the inside and outside of their home, and we had such a wonderful time every Christmas Eve with the entire family at their home.

Unfortunately, he had two major vices, drinking and smoking. He was always careful to go outside to smoke when we were around, but despite constant nagging to get him to quit, he smoked up until his last day. After years of suffering, a combination of emphyzema, lung cancer, and liver disease took him from us, and in a way, took some of the joy of Christmas along with him.

Christmas Eve family get togethers have never been the same since he passed away 10 years ago. The only good to have come from his cancer is that most of the smokers in my family have quit, and none of the grandchildren have taken up the habit.

So, F*CK CANCER for taking away a bit of Christmas joy, and my Pappy.

- Joe Sites



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