My Mother Was A Warrior -Jeremy Macapagal

Cancer sucks, because 1 year ago January 10th, is the day that it claimed the life of my mother.

My mother was the heart and soul of my family, the proverbial rock. She fought cancer for 3 years, a rare form of liver cancer at stage 4. 2 and half years ago, we were preparing for the worst. But the warrior that she was, she fought it off to being stable!! Stable for almost a year, we thought things were on the up and up. It was just a tease. The cancer came back stronger but in a different area. They tried chemo, and other therapies. They just wouldn't work. So they finally decided to put her in clinical trials. Unfortunately they didn't work either.

I've never know anyone like her to fight something off so horrible, only for it to come back. I try to tell myself that she didn't loose her battle, or that it didn't claim her. More so that she was tired, and it was her time to rest. Basically leave it in God's hands and he would guide the way. I miss her very much. Every day is new to me without having her around.

But life as funny as it is... We were blessed with a daughter a short time after. Now my mother looks over us every day. And has been the guardian for our daughter. Bitter sweet, but life has a way of balancing out. With one life gone another comes. So when it comes down to it, CANCER STILL F****IN SUCKS

- Jeremy Macapagal

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