My Mom Beat Cancer's Ass - Chris Vastardis

I will never forget the day my mom called me in the morning to tell me. I was working in a quarry and I remember it being cold, which was usually par for the course. I saw my mom was calling and I remember being busy but thinking it was odd for her to be calling so I answered. She started to tell me that she had her yearly exam and that they had found a lump and that they were concerned.

I remember hearing her words but not really believing them, almost convincing myself it was not true and that I couldn't lose my mom so young. I had a son she needed to see grow up and another on the way and I just refused to hear it. I then said what everyone says: “So what now?” I was angry and sad and worried all at the same time. So I told her I loved her and I had to go.

Skip ahead weeks, days, months. My mom ended up not having to go through chemo, as they caught it early enough. She just needed quite a few radiation treatments, which was a tough time for her; it made her tired and she couldn't spend the time she was used to with my oldest.

Skip ahead to the day we find that she’s cancer free and the feeling of relief and anxiousness is gone but never forgotten. My mom lives a normal life today but always has the knowledge and fear that cancer could always return. We thank God every day she’s still here with us and never take for granted He kept her here to show us the love and care she always did.

She is my mom and she beat its ass, but there’s so many that didn't and still fight it today. We never stop praying and hope they continue to fight the good fight.

This is me and my mom, Cindy. But I call her Sidney or Roosky. Or Badger when she's being snappy. She rocks.

Chris Vastardis, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania


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