My Little Brother Is My Hero - Kohl Beebe

In May of 1997 my family changed drastically.

I officially became a big brother and, being 11 at the time, I didn't realize how much my little brother would change my life. Over the years we watched Anthony grow up and go through the normal small child stages; the terrable two's, the "I want to be a firefighter", then "I want to be a cowboy", then "I want to be spiderman".

Then 3 months and 3 days just shy of his 6th bday the news came. It was A.L.L. (acute lymphocytic leukemia). That was the first time in my life that I have ever seen my dad cry. Anthony did his treatments, and went through the struggles that the cancer brought on, and three long and painful years later, he was cleared and in remission.

Now today, he is 18, driving fast cars like big brother and dad, and on his way to a very successful paintball career. He also has teamed up with a few of his sponsors in the sport and fully endorses his "Cancer Sucks" campaign everywhere he goes.

So some people may have a super hero or a movie star or a musician as a hero; I have a little brother as mine.

Thank you for the time and let's all rally together and show our support for The GIBS family and beat this thing!

- Kohl Beebe




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