Just Unfair - Christian Jordan

Hey all. My story didn't have many chapters until two months ago.

A friend's mother, who I saw often and seemed in great health, was in for a check up and an 11 inch tumor was found in her abdomen. Within 6 Months of being in the hospital, she passed.

Two weeks ago, I learned my old landlord had passed. He was a strong man, late 60's, who also seemed in good health. He had become disoriented and confused. Unfortunately brain cancer was discovered. After four months, Don passed.

Just yesterday morning my wife called me at work. Another friend's mother, who we thought had won her fight with cancer and was on the road to good health, had also passed. It's just crazy to me. I went years without really dealing with cancer, and then to have three friends pass within a few months...

And today, just before I wrote this, I found out that my mother and father-in-laws dog lost his battle to cancer. Poor guy.

I hope someday this ugly disease is finally eliminated for good. Sad to watch people deteriorate so fast, and for their friends and family have to watch. Just unfair.

- Christian Jordan



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