Guardian Angels - James Massey

Its been about 18 months since my brother passed away from lung cancer, and going on 10 years since my mother passed from brain and lung cancer. It really sucked going through some of the most important times of my life, as young adult in high school, without my mom, but luckily I had an older brother to guide me.

I have grown to learn that I have not lost family members, but that I have gained guardian angels. I know now that, every step in life, I have someone on each side of me.

Last night I saw a facebook post that really hurt the heart. My 11 year old nephew wished his dad could be here for his birthday, and that he could see him one more time. I hate that he was taken away from his son so soon, and I wish my nephew could feel the way I feel about always having him by his side. I know that, being young, that is just about impossible, but I pray he stays strong.

David you will always have your Dad and Grandma by your side, on every path you take. Your father loved you more than you will ever know. Whenever you are down, I promise your dad is right there by your side buddy. I know it's hard, but even when your father was going through his tough time, he always thanked God and smiled.


Uncle James

- James Massey




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