Cancer Sucks! (And So Do Cigarettes)- Chad Greenig

In just over the last decade, I've lost three family members to cancer. Sadly, all 3 of them were lung cancer, due to smoking, in which they could still be alive today if they would've stopped when it was detected early on.

My Grandmother was the first to go, and she had cancer of the lungs 3 times before she passed. She was a great influence in my life, and I know she was always happy to know that I am highly allergic to cigarettes, and that I wouldn't be like most of my family, smoking their life away.

My Uncle was the next to go from lung cancer. Him and I weren't close for most of my life, as he was a mean dude, but as I got older, him and I started to share a bond of music and cars. I was at my Grandfather's house a few days before my Uncle passed, and he seemed to be doing well, probably the meds. A few days later, he passed away in his sleep on the couch. I got to the house where the family was, just minutes after he passed, and I remember thinking how I wish there was more time for us to share.

Lastly, my Grandfather passed not long ago. He didn't keep in contact with the family for a few years, and never let us know he was dying of the same vicious cancer that took his wife and son.

Cancer sucks in so many ways, and although I am blessed to be allergic to cigarettes, I still have a hatred towards them for losing family. I honestly feel that this particular cancer will hit another family member at some point, as many of them are hardcore smokers. It makes it hard to be around smokers in general, but the death that it causes is substantial. Cancer Sucks!

P.S. Thanks for being such a caring company. It truly means a lot.

- Chad Greenig




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