Cancer Really Sucks! - Tyler Williams

My story is about my grandfather.

He was an amazing husband, brother, dad and grandfather. He died in the late 80s of cancer. At the time, he was running for president of the Sheriff's office, was a motorcycle cop, and an HPD sheriff. My grandfather was very close to his community and a lot of people knew about him.

My grandfather, Charles C. Correll Sr., left behind my grandmother, my uncle and aunt, and my mother, who was only 16 at the time. It was a very hard time, especially because, in that day and age, cancer wasn't known about as much as it is now, which means he spent most of his dying days in pain. He went from being a well known cop in Houston, to hiding in a house, because he was so deathly ill..

Moral of the story is that CANCER REALLY SUCKS!!!

- Tyler Williams




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