Cancer is Ugly - Lucas Donlon

The ugly disease of breast cancer tore me down but ultimately picked me up and made me a stronger person. You’re probably asking yourself why or how? It’s all due to my mom, who battled this disease for many years. Penny Lee Donlon was taken from us all too early on March 17th 1997, at only 47 years old.

I spent many years pissed off at the world, God and many others. I had amazing support from friends and family but nothing could fill the void that was left in my life. I was a momma's boy (I will admit it), we just always had that connection. What I admired about my mom was she never complained or asked why, she just took it one day at a time. No matter how bad she was feeling she was always helping others and putting her struggles on the back burner. One time she was at a camp with kids and she was feeling awful; that didn't stop her from making a difference in kids’ lives. She would just go throw up then come back like nothing ever happened!

I wish I could be half the person she was. I am still learning from her as I go back and go through memories she has left with me. I continually look at the legacy she left and the many lives she helped mold. She was a fighter and fought to the very end! As I battle an illness, I always look back on how she handled things and try to emulate it, if she could it why can't I?

If you’re reading this and you’re battling this ugly disease, I challenge you to fight and make a difference! This disease can be beat and you're going to be the one to beat it. Continue to love, cherish and make a difference to those around you. You never know how you might be able to help someone else.

Lucas Donlon, Winter Springs, Florida

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