gibs grooming team
gibs grooming team
About Us

We’re Gib and Big Smooth, outdoorsy dudes who’ve always had the facial hair thing going on. But when it came to manning our face fleece, nothing out there was swoon-worthy. The beard products out there were too heavy, full of themselves and scented like pine needles, furniture polish or rum balls. So four years ago we filled a void and rolled out the red carpet for man carpets: A trio of beard oils that slicked up scruffs, hair and tattoos. Barbers and beards begged for more, and we obliged. That’s what a GIBS Guy does.

We’re men’s men who can do anything. Our grooming products are the same, working double duty to get you out the door in triple time. A beard, hair and body wash that’s gentle enough for your man parts and your hard part. A shave gel as clear as a Colorado trout stream for touch-ups or full line-ups.

A texture mist for that just-off-the-road grit guys love as a body and beard spray and gals love in their own manes. The scent and torque of our man-sized soaps make the ladies swoon and men weep like little boys. We're the guys that had the balls to bring back the can, too. They're not your mama's aerosols but she'd steal 'em in a heartbeat. We raised the bar on men’s grooming. We raised it so high, our only competition is ourselves.

We craft kick ass grooming gear for the every man. You don’t have to think twice about grooming because we’ve done it for you. Quality products that work as hard as you do. Products made right here in the USA by two meat-eating guys from Colorado who hunt and fish and provide for their families just like you do. Great grooming doesn't have to be complicated. Neither is a GIBS Guy.




GIBS Grooming

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2554 Lincoln Blvd #421 

Venice, CA 90291

Phone: 1.844.GIBSMEN (442.7636)


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